CrownTuned is an automotive performance installer and Tuner, focusing on the Lancer Evolutions, DSMs, Honda, GM, Suzuki, as primary platforms. We also work on many more, so feel free to shoot us a message for a quote.

I started in 2006 when I got my first DSM. With the help of my father working on it and modifying it, my Passion for the Mitsubishi/DSM platform grew.

I started Tuning at the same time on my own vehicles. In 2010 I started tuning GM products, as well as many other standalone ecu's in different makes of vehicles. I have continued tuning the Lancer Evolution platform on OEM, and aftermarket, ECU components along the way. 

Beyond tuning, we are also a full maintenance and installation option, from basic necessities to full builds, we are here to meet your needs. 

Feel free to email, or give us a call, as we are open to working on platforms & projects outside of our normal.


Thank you!

-Clinton Brooks (Owner & Founder)