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Ditch that tired RB Alternator that is over 25 years old and step into a world of reliability. The alternators on the Nissan RB series engines came with an output of 35amps and 90Amps in the later model RB26. 

With today's technology and horsepower figures being constantly pushed, an average street car can easily consume even the full 90amps by making even the most minor modifications such as, Aftermarket ECU's, Additional Fuel Pumps, Upgraded Ignition Hardware or even a simple set of headlight upgrades.

Platinum Racing Products has specifically designed this kit to eliminate the requirement of both alternator bracket and conversion bracket when upgrading to LS1 Alternators. Our kit comes fully integrated into ONE good looking and simple solution that allows your alternator to mount as close to the block as much as possible

This kit can be installed in a short amount of time with ease and comes with:

  • PRP Custom Billet Alternator Bracket
  • Adjusting hardware to suit
  • 20% Under driven Alternator Pulley to suit RB 4 rib belts, specifically designed to ensure not over spinning the Altenator beyond manufacturers recommendations. 
  • Applicable to all twin and single cam RB engines.

If you are looking for a drive belt also we list the correct length to suit our LS1 kit along with an ATI Harmonic Balancer listed here.