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Introducing the all-new PRP Evo 4-9 Mivec / Non Mivec Billet Cam Covers!

These unique cam covers have undergone meticulous manufacturing and are ready to impress.

Just as you would expect from PRP we offer something unique and have taken the time to create an efficient dual-layer baffling system. Using CAD CFD simulation software, we ensured that this cover is not only stylish but also highly functional.

PRP Evo cam covers are multi baffled so they work, we have also incorporated both the Mivec and non- Mivec with the use of a Mivec delete part included to give you versatility and exchangeability, with the option of the rear head drains and also Mivec side port that you can simply block of you're not using it.

Note: the PRP oil cap is NOT included and they are strictly -12 ORB, we do although include a bung in the kit to get you underway when you get your cover.
-12 PRP oil caps are available separately.

Kit Contents:

  • Evo Billet Cam Cover (Mivec or Non Mivec)
  • double Baffle Plates
  • Valley Cover
  • OEM Cam Cover Gasket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • -12 ORM oil cap block off
  • *If you select a coil kit, it comes with the universal deutsch connector loom option

Evo Cam covers are designed to work seamlessly with vr38 ignition coil packs and our the universal silicone straight stalks. We have also addressed the breather issue that plagues the OEM setup. Unlike the factory design, our covers come with breathers pre-installed. However, for those who prefer to run an aftermarket catch can, our covers offer the option to simply insert a bung instead of using the breather/catch can ports. We understand the need for flexibility and have provided a solution that caters to different preferences.

With its sleek design, this billet masterpiece stands out from the rest while still maintaining the aesthetically pleasing look of the 4G63. We offer a variety of options to ensure a customized look, with a smooth but curved cover  that can even be engraved with your own logo. Additionally, we provide a valley cover options to ensure a seamless assembly.

Our Evo 4-9 Billet Cam Covers are designed to be versatile. They utilize both the OEM gasket seals but a -12AN oil cap threads as the OEM slot was less than desirable, we have also integrated two rear/side-facing -10 ports to accommodate both Mivec and Non-Mivec engines for ease of aftermarket catch can plumbing. This high-volume creation checks all the boxes when it comes to performance and functionality, and we believe its stunning appearance speaks for itself.

The PRP EVO Cam cover demonstrates attention to detail and quality Australian made craftsmanship!

*Notes - Customer variants are available for these covers so if you have any questions please reach our prior to purchase



  • Custom Laser Engraving (Leave a note at checkout)
  • If you would like the PRP logo on the intake only please select CNC - Fully Smooth and leave a note at checkout
  • With Laser Engraving we can do it BEFORE or AFTER anodizing. Please specify in the card