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Unleash the potential of your RB20, RB25, RBB25 NEO, or RB26 engine with PRP's Pro Series Trigger Kit. This top-tier kit features our innovative 36-2 Tooth profile and MoTeC sensors for applications up to 3000whp. Trusted by 1000hp+ street cars and championship-winning motorsports vehicles like the 'Xtreme GTR' and 'Integrated Motorsports R34,' this kit provides unmatched precision and data resolution.

Product Highlights:
Introducing PRP's Big Hitter and Most Recommended Trigger Kit!
New 36-2 Tooth Profile: Our PRO series 36-2 Crank trigger kit features this latest tooth profile.
High-Quality Sensors: Utilizes a MoTeC 'reluctor' type sensor and our all-new MoTeC Camshaft 'hall effect' type sensor.
Sealed Sensor Design: Completely sealed sensor with an external plug system designed for applications up to 3000whp.
Proven Performance:

The PRP Pro Series Trigger Kit has a track record of success:
Tried, tested, and proven on MANY 1000hp+ street cars.
Trusted by famous motorsport cars, including the world time attack open class 1st place winner 'Xtreme GTR' and 2nd place winner 'Integrated Motorsports R34'.
Ultimate Trigger System:

This updated pro series trigger kit offers:
Up to 3 times more data than our current 12-tooth intermediate system.
Flawless resolution.
Precision Engineering:

Our kit is designed with precision in mind:
Non-balancer-based trigger wheel to eliminate unwanted movement.
Compact 100 mm trigger disc with a large sensor for optimal performance.
Swept-back sensor mount design for perfect positioning.
Included Hardware:

The kit comes complete with:

  • Pro Series Hardened Billet Steel 1045 Steel Cut Gear With No holes For Extra Strength inc PRP Rear EN36 (25rockwell) Blackened/Hardened Washer
  • MoTeC reluctor (with MoTeC support).
  • Bottom sensor mount.
  • All necessary plugs, pins, gauze, and heat shrink.
  • Teflon shielded twin-core wire.
  • Bolts and general hardware.
  • Top trigger plate.
  • Top trigger sensor.
  • Stainless cam plate.
  • Additional bolts and hardware.
  • Plugs, pins, heat shrink, and braid.
  • Optional Billet CAS bracket (available at a discounted bundle rate).
  • One-year warranty on sensors and a lifetime warranty on the rest.

Custom Color Options:
Please specify your custom color choice in the cart area's "Special Notes" section.

Custom colors available include:

  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Grey
  • Teal
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Cardo Zinc
  • PINK


  • Crank sensor bracket holders are available in black only.
  • Not compatible with Haltech 'Platinum Pro Plugin ECU'
  • If you require a custom trigger kit solution or wish to purchase the crank or cam trigger kit separately, please visit our 'CUSTOM' trigger kit listing here