STM Evo 7/8/9 Staging Brake Kit

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The STM Staging Brake Kit is a must-have for any drag racer. This complete kit allows you to pre-stage your Evo, keeping the brakes and driveline solid and consistent during your launch! Includes a new Wilwood staging brake and Wilwood master cylinder and all necessary fittings and lines to go from the master cylinder to the rear calipers.

Vehicle Fitment:
2001-2006 Mitsubishi Evolution VII VIII IX
• Requires drilling, cutting and modification
• Must remove ABS

ABS Must be Removed:
This kit only works on an Evo without ABS and was designed with drag racing in mind. It is not made for road racing or anything of the like. It will work fine for daily driving but it is intended for off road use only. If you still need to remove your ABS, check out the STM Evo ABS Removal Kit.

For Brembo or STM Drag Brakes:
Banjo fittings are included to mate up to your factory, Brembo calipers or use the elbow fittings if you are running the Wilwood calipers on the STM Rear Drag Brake Kit.

Custom Installation Required:
This is a detailed, technical, do-it-yourself install. If you are unsure of any components, do not attempt this on your own. Please have a highly reputable shop install this.


  • This kit WILL require some drilling, cutting and modification to your Evo!
  • The photos show the brake line routing from master cylinder to rear calipers.
  • Fittings are included for the Brembo or STM Wilwood calipers.
  • To route the brake lines, you'll have to drill into the underbody of the car. We will update the old install photos soon, but you get the idea! Use the rubber clamps to then attach your brake lines securely.

There will be leftover hardware!
The Wilwood handbrake comes with some extra hardware you won't need and you will have two fittings leftover as we supply both style fittings for either the factory Brembo or the Wilwood calipers on the STM small brake kit.

(1) STM -3 AN Brake Lines & Fittings (STMEVOHYDBRAKE)
(1) Wilwood Master Cylinder (260-15091)
(1) Wilwood Vertical Hand Brake (340-14769)
(6) Mounting Clamps -4AN (17191)
(6) M8x16 Bolts (0161821)
(6) M8 Flat Washers (1140357)
(2) M8x30 Bolts (0161824)
(2) M8 Lock Washers (1140383)
(2) M8 Nuts (1190701)