STM Evo 8/9 ABS Delete Kit V2

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The new V2 STM Evo 8/9 ABS removal kit includes everything you'll need to remove your ABS system - new OEM master cylinder, OEM valves and custom lines. Everything you will need to get this job done right! The lines are flexible with a black silicone coating that won't scratch your engine bay with all the proper fittings for a direct install.

If you're a meticulous clean freak like we are, this achieves a MUCH nicer, more presentable appearance, not to mention the weight savings and extra room! Available as the full kit or purchase just the lines only if you've already got an RS model or don't need the OEM parts.

Vehicle Fitment:
2003-2006 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII IX

(4) STM Brake Lines
(1) OEM Master Cylinder (MR977089)
(2) OEM Brake Valves (MR249607)
(1) 0216765 Clamp
(1) 0216767 Clamp

Install Notes:
The longest brake line attaches to the top of the master and leads along the firewall to the RH brake line (left side of the engine bay through the grommet in the wheel well). The shortest line attaches to the side of the master and leads to the LH brake line (right side of the engine bay through the wheel well). The two middle-length lines attach to the bottom of the master and lead to the rear hard lines under the car. Two firewall clamps are included for install.